Sliding Notes 1.5.0 “Accordion Virtuoso”

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Accordion playerA brand new release of Sliding Notes is out. Code name: “Accordion Virtuoso”.

Main novelty: The addition of an awesome feature which enables emulation of accordion-style behavior like this one over here.[toc class=toc-right]

Go get it at, it sure is worth upgrading. 🙂

New Features


Sliding notes can be grouped using the new shortcode argument group. When a note belonging to a group is clicked open, all other notes in the same group are closed.

Here is an example (click on the notes alternately):

And here is the code to create it

[slider group=A title="Here is one note" bstyle="display:block"]This note belongs to group A[/slider] [slider group=A title="Here is another note" bstyle="display:block"]This note also belongs to group A[/slider]

A group is restricted to the scope (the post or the page) where the shortcode is used. The same group name in different posts or pages denotes different groups. Hence, you don’t need to worry about group name collision across pages or posts.

The sidebars on your blog constitute a special scope of own. When a sliding note is used inside sidebar widgets, groups are not restricted to a single widget, but encompass all widgets. This means you can have notes from one group spread all over your sidebar widgets, allowing for all sorts of accordion-style effect combinations.

Hint parameter

There is a new shortcode parameter hint to specify the text shown when you hover the mouse over a slider button, like here:

Extra info»

The code:

[slider title="Extra info" hint="Click to view extra info"]Extra info here[/slider]

Other point of interest

CSS conflicts with other plugins

Previous versions of Sliding Notes used the CSS class “hidden” internaly. This class happened to be used by other plugins as well (most notably, Shadowbox JS), causing conflicts sometimes. Version 1.5.0 uses a differently named class. This will hopefully make CSS conflicts with other plugins a matter of the past.

WordPress 2.8 compatibility

Sliding Notes has been verified to work with WordPres 2.8.

Well then, cheers and happy sliding. 🙂

This note belongs to group APowered by Hackadelic Sliding Notes 1.6.5
This note also belongs to group APowered by Hackadelic Sliding Notes 1.6.5


  • Great Plugin but how can i use nested sliding panels?

    • Use Smart Sliding Notes PRO — a next generation, universal WordPress toggle plugin that implements accordions, tabs, toggles, callout boxes, and more, all with unlimited nesting! 🙂

  • It would be great if I can link to particular slide note as an external link.

  • Hey – one thing that may help some users, is to have a gallery of different CSS examples on how they can style the links/or buttons if they choose.

    • That’s a really good idea, Perry! 🙂

  • Nice work, thank you so much

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